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Christine Olivia Betts

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Bachelor of Arts - Adams State University - Double major- Business and Psychology

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Past Political Activity

I have donated money to Steven Woodrow Colorado HD6, Diane Mitsch Bush CD3 and an organization called “Stop Republicans” through Act Blue. I have also donated money to Amy McGrath for Kentucky Senate and Diana DeGette Colorado House Rep District 1.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I volunteered with Organizing for Action in December 2016. That organization merged into All On The Line of which I am currently a member. I have also attended events with Indivisible Front Range and Indivisible Denver. I attend my House District 6 meetings and activities when I am able. I used to be a part of a breakfast group “Pancakes with Progressives” that hosted progressive candidates for an informal discussion around a breakfast table.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I completed the Organizing for Action Fellows program. As part of the program, I organized an educational event on Climate Change at a library. I also hosted educational events at my home, like books club discussions and speakers on ballot issues as well as post card writing parties. I also had phone banking events at my home to bring attention to events in Denver. I also helped organize texting events.


I m a fifth generation Coloradoan and I want to assure that Colorado remains strong and representative of all Coloradoans. I was shocked and saddened how map manipulation in other states caused a distortion in their representation at the federal and state level. I think this leads to voter disillusionment and a feeling that their votes do not matter. One of the educational events held at my home was about Amendment Y and Z. I have become more aware of the importance through All On The Line, which educates people about the importance of fair maps. Voters need to pick their representatives at the federal and state level, not the other way around.

Statement on Working with Consensus

One of my earliest memories was going to pick up my grandmother on election day, she was an election judge. Voting has always been important in my family, but I would not have considered myself “political”. My dad was involved in town council in Pine Haven Wyoming and my aunt was mayor of Pine Knoll Shores in North Carolina. They both leaned Republican and many in my family still are Republicans. I aligned with the Democratic Party in 2008 because I wanted to help with the convention. As I have become more involved, I more closely align with the Democratic platform, such as health care and environmental protections than with the traditional Republican platform of less government involvement and conservative social values. With my background, I have cultivated skills that have built fairness and impartially in my core values. I struggle with the current administration and it is my hope that after November there will be an increased desire for people to work together for the common good. We can begin this ideal by working together locally. A couple of years ago, I attended an event at the Denver Film Society in which one of the panelists was Eleanor Clift, a Washington journalist. She proposed that the intense political division was created in part because people did not know each other at the personal level. She mentioned that Tip O’Neill and Reagan could be friends because they created opportunities to be together after work. With today’s politicians leaving Washington as soon as work is over and not cultivating after work relationships, the camaraderie is lost. I will suggest that the commission meet on a non-formal basis to cultivate relationships with each other. If the group as whole chooses not to do this, I will reach out on a one-on-one basis to build camaraderie.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My career as a human resource professional required multi-tasking, problem solving and excellent organization and communication skills. As a HR Generalist, my job responsibilities centered on benefits and recruitment. I was the team lead for implementing a new payroll/human resource software system. I am proficient in Microsoft office. Retired from Human Resources, I am now in Philanthropy. The non-profit I work stopped using their Customer Relationship Software. I developed a spreadsheet for use in our department that can track needed data and can pull information using pivot tables.


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