Application for Congressional Commission for Loralee Lindquist Bullen

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Loralee Lindquist Bullen

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Loralee Bullen

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Housewife, homeschool mom (since covid), personal real estate investor. Prior to having my first child in 1998, I worked in banking as a commercial lender, financial analyst, and asset based lender.

Educational Background

I have a degree in Finance from Florida State University (1988).

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Past Political Activity

The only consistent "political" activity I've been involved with other than personal discussions is voting. I contributed $250 to Lindsey Graham in the 2020 election. I contributed to Hillary's Clinton's campaign for presidency in 2015, although I cannot recall the amount. I am certain it was insignificant.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am not a member of any political organization. I have focused the past twenty years on raising my three daughters and advocating for their education and development (the youngest is currently 9 year old). I volunteer in their classrooms, sports organizations, dance schools, etc. Since Covid, I have been homeschooling my nine year old daughter. Having had my first daughter at the age of 34 and my last (surprise) daughter at the age of 47, I know that time is the most valuable resource that cannot be replenished. Quality contributions that serve my family and the community directly around me are more important than "resume building" type activite

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Since my first child was born, I have focused my energy on raising responsible, educated citizens. My time and efforts have been focused on them, their schools, sports and the community around us. Prior to my children, my focus was on causes such as Casa. I was a GAL (guardian ad litem), representing abused, neglected kids in court in Miami, Florida. While raising my daughters, I have focused my support through financial contributions to organizations such as Family Tree, CASA, Wild Animal Sancturay, DDRC. These are all organizations that spend contributions responsibly and represent issues that have touched me in personal ways.


I would like to serve on the commission because it is important that, at some point, every individual contributes in some way with various aspects of the political process. As such, the community, state, and country as a whole benefit from a diversity of opinions and perspectives. In light of the political turmoil that has embraced our country over the past number of elections (going back as far as the Al Gore/George Bush election), it becomes increasingly important that people are secure in the validity and fairness of our elections. I would like to be a part of this process of making that happe

Statement on Working with Consensus

It is my belief that every individual has their own unique experiences and perspectives and each person deserves to have their interests represented. The fact that I have had so many varied experiences in life helps me to be empathetic. I have been poor, well off, a renter, a landlord, lived in the suburbs and lived in the city. My kids have been in public, private (parochial and non-parochial) and charter schools. As a child, I was raised by an active socialist father, participated in protests in front of Richard Nixon's house and campaigned for Mcgovern. As an adult, my career in banking introduced me to business owners, lawyers, doctors, and real estate developers; many who left Communist Cuba and had strong anti-socialist views. As an older parent of school aged kids, I have met and worked with parents of varied ages, nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Through these varied experiences and exposures to different perspectives and people, I recognize and understand that while we all have differences, we all have commonalities too. I am good at recognizing and focusing on these commonalities, and this will serve well in promoting consesus and agreement among commissioners.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

A background in finance and a continued role in handling our personal investments has provided me with the ability of looking beyond the hype and emotion of circumstances and focus on the numbers. I have developed a habit of using statistics and averages in life circumstances. A light hearted example would be with my teenage daughters. They would argue that I let them drive someplace at 10 pm on a weeknight but not on the weekend and how unfair it was. My response to them was that my preference would be to lock them in a room to keep them safe and not let them drive at all, however, understanding that this isn't practical, I was willing to play the averages. People are more inclined to drink and drive on the weekends, allowing them to drive during the week but not on a weekend night is me simply playing the odds. While they were slightly skeptical, the occurance of a family friend getting hit and killed by a drunk driver on a Christmas Eve, sadly, confirmed my argument. As the saying goes, "the numbers do not lie" can add reason and take the emotion out of a discussion.


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