Application for Congressional Commission for Sista Elena Luna

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Sista Elena Luna

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Sista Luna

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I am a self-employed artist. My original artwork, prints, merchandise, commissioned portraits, and logo brand design services can be found and purchased through my website,

Educational Background

I received my BA in Studio Art from Colorado College in 2010.

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Past Political Activity

I have voted in every election, including mid-terms, since I registered at 18. I donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign during the 2020 primary. When I receive my ballot, I spend a few days doing research on the various ballot measures, discussing and asking questions with friends and family to get a variety of perspectives in order to make informed choices to the best of my ability.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Artist Member of Steamboat Creates (formally Steamboat Springs Arts Council) - 2015, 2016 Co-founder of Young Bloods Collective; a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving creatives in Routt County - 2017 Young Bloods Collective Working Board Vice President - January 2017 through December 2018 Young Bloods Collective Working Board President - January 2019 to present

Organization and Advocacy Experience

My work with the nonprofit I co-founded, Young Bloods Collective, has provided me with numerous opportunities to help with community outreach, providing support and structure for creative expression, and serving my local community. I have learned quite a bit about the vital value of community interconnectivity through producing our various arts and culture events, productions, and exhibits. None of the YBC programming I helped create over the last four years would have been possible without the collaboration and support of other nonprofits, local businesses, and inspired community members.


I am interested in taking a more active, engaged roll in contributing to the systems that serve myself and fellow Colorado residents. I am a Colorado native who has lived in suburban (Lafayette/Louisville), city (Denver) and rural (Steamboat Springs) Colorado, which are a variety of experiences that I hope would be helpful in making choices that best benefit all Colorado residents.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe an important part of reaching a consensus among many individuals is having a clear, shared vision that all members recognize from the beginning. When disagreements inevitably arise, that shared vision can serve as a touchstone for everyone to come back to, helping to facilitate necessary compromises and adjusting of expectations. As a human, fairness is very important to me, as it connects to my personal integrity and moral compass when making decisions that affect many others, not just myself.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As an artist, most of creating artwork is problem solving - adapting to find a solution to the vision you have set in your mind when things do not go exactly as planned along the way. There is a type of flexibility in creative problem solving, as it thrives on incorporating new information and adjusting the plan as the solution comes together. This adaptability helps me to find new and unique solutions not only on the canvas, but in larger group projects and events as well.


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