Application for Congressional Commission for Donald Jurkoic

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Donald Jurkoic

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Not employed - company closed due to Covid. Most recently employed as Chief of Staff in the entertainment industry, and in investment management company, 19 years.

Educational Background

BA, French Literature, UC Berkeley. 11+ years of college in two countries. Taught both French and English. Majored in chemistry and had significant studies in sciences, art, history, business, math, philosophy and languages. Have worked in many trades, from construction to film&television. Have lived in ~9 countries, embracing myriad cultures.

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Past Political Activity

Have donated every year to causes, not campaigns. For example, lgbtqia organizations, homeless support and healthcare causes, public radio...

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Volunteer work for local and neighborhood improvement organizations, from block association work to greener cities.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Along with my wife's Diversity&Inclusion work, and as husband and father in a mixed family, i've volunteered through diverse organizations - assisting the underrepresented, organizations inculcating women and minorities into executive and C-suite positions, and for organizations assisting LGBTQIAPK+.


This is exceedingly important work and rare for any state to have such an organic, mixed public representation for this task. Districting must be equally representative - of people; it must be as wholly impartial as possible. To that end, I will contribute well. As father and husband in a mixed-race and multicultural family, i'm adroitly attuned to the underrepresented deserving a voice and fair representation.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Being a facilitator, consistently described as diplomatic, and coming with both humility and an empathic ear toward all points of view, i bring a unique slate of skills and experiences that allow relating to anyone - having worked from ditch digger to co-founder and from dish washer to director. i appreciate all backgrounds and cultures, and am quick to affirm when i don't know.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a lead project manager, I've worked on many complex projects that were often novel, never before undertaken. I was the one counted on to get problems solved and plans done when others said such wasn't possible or there wasn't enough time. In addition to work experience, i've studied with many cultures and in many fields, from statistics, math and sciences to business management, labor relations and organizational behavior. I understand things quickly and deeply, arriving at ideas and driving at solutions.


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Woke Male. (note-my immediate family (children and wife) include African American, American Indian and LGBTQ)