Application for Congressional Commission for Jacqueline Esquibel

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Jacqueline Esquibel

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Program Officer at Caring for Denver Foundation

Educational Background

J.D. at the University of Denver Law School; B.A. at Santa Clara University

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Past Political Activity

Donated to Chris Hansen in 2016 and volunteered for Floyd Esquibel's (WY State Senate) re-election campaign in 2016.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Hispanic Bar Association member, member of the Judicial Nominating Committee, Lakewood Mountain Bike Team volunteer, Project Safeguard Legal Clinic volunteer, Education Support for Guardian Ad Litem's advocating for foster youth's educational stability both as a volunteer and some paid/reimbursed work, volunteer volleyball coach at YMCA and at Gold Crown, Vive volunteer

Organization and Advocacy Experience

The majority of my professional career has been in the juvenile law area with a focus on educational law. In that capacity, I have mentored, organized and "considered" the interests of foster youth and how guardian ad litems are best able to advocate for them in the educational arena. Additionally, I am on the Judicial Nominating Committee for the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association. In that capacity, I need to consider CHBA's mission/vision/criteria when assessing the nominee's application. Lastly, in my current position as a program officer, I am charged with reviewing proposals addressing mental health and substance misuse needs in the City and County of Denver. Part of that review requires considering the interests/needs of the communities that could be impacted by our decision to fund or not fund the various proposals.


I believe this is one of the most important things I can do to protect our democracy and help people feel heard. I have a lot to offer the commission given the diversity of both my lived and professional experiences. I am originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have lived in Denver, Colorado and currently live in Golden, Colorado. I have an appreciation of rural, urban and suburban views. I have worked with a variety of different communities, including but not limited to the Spanish speaking community, African-American community and the LGBTQ+ community. I recognize the importance of taking into consideration these communities' interests as well as others as we work to develop competitive maps.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I had my own practice for over 14 years and was a certified mediator, facilitator and trained in conflict coaching. I used and honed these skills in my practice as a Guardian ad Litem, Child and Family Investigator and an Early Neutral Assessment Team Member. Specifically, as a Guardian ad Litem, I was often placed in positions where it was necessary to get buy in from all stakeholders in order to make progress on a case. While this wasn't always successful, those disagreements were not taken personally and professional relationships with parents and others on the case were usually maintained. As a Early Neutral Assessment team member, I was charged with helping parties involved in custody cases come to a resolution that would address their concerns and issues while keeping the best interest of the child front and center. Lastly, as a Child and Family Investigator, my role was to investigate family situations in custody disputes and make recommendations to the court regarding what was in the best interest of the child(ren). This last role often required me to put aside my own implicit biases and first impressions and look at the situation from child and familiy's perspective in order to make recommendations that worked. I left private practice and worked as a Dispute Resolution and Policy Specialist at the Colorado Department of Education. My primary role was to investigate complaints filed against a School District alleging IDEA violations. Specifically, I was charged with investigating the allegations, assessing the evidence, taking into account the character of those presenting information and issuing decisions. An important aspect of this position was to engage both the complainant and the School District each step of the way in order to reduce the level of conflict and hopefully repair some of the damage done by the alleged actions of the School District and the filing of the complaint. In other words, an integral part of my professional career has been around promoting consensus, reaching agreements and identifying ways to move forward.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am an attorney. Analyzing problems, applying logic and reason are part of my education and part of everything I do.


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The applicant has Hispanic/Latino/Spanish origin

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