Application for Congressional Commission for Tanya Michelle Cervantes

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Tanya Michelle Cervantes

Other Names
Tanya Michelle Ramirez

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Quality Control Analyst at Agilent Technologies (October 2016- Present) Quality Control Analyst at Tolmar (April 2015-September 2016) Lab Technician at IDEXX Laboratories (November 2014 - March 2015)

Educational Background

BS in Chemical and Biological Engineering - CU Boulder 2013 BA in Integrative Physiology with Minor in Biochemistry - CU Boulder 2013

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Past Political Activity

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign in 2016 & 2020; Biden Fight Fund 2020

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Member of the Education Outreach Committee at work - mentoring Frederick High School students in the PTECH program working towards an Associates Degree in biotechnology.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Unfortunately, my advocacy hasn’t been as active or as far reaching as I would like. In college I was much more active, but my advocacy has remained consistent. Today, I advocate for the BIPOC community, namely the Latinx community, DACA, immigrants rights, BLM, Universal Healthcare, and the fight against global warming.


I believe this is an incredible opportunity for me to make an impact in Colorado for the benefit of my community. As a woman of color, I believe I will bring a unique perspective in the decision-making process. It is incredibly important to me that we have fair maps so that every community is represented equitably. My background and experience working in STEM is extremely useful when it comes to analyzing data and thinking critically.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I pride myself in being empathetic by nature. As a daughter of immigrants, I am well aware of the privilege I possess having been born in the US and the opportunities that come with that. It is extremely important to me to put myself in the shoes of others to try to understand their situation. I am also a peacemaker by nature, and often try to find the common ground to bring about understanding and compassion.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a Quality Control Analyst, I have extensive training and experience in critical thinking, collecting data, analyzing data, reviewing data for accuracy, and investigating aberrant data.


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