Application for Congressional Commission for Sarah Marie Jergensen

Contact Information

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Sarah Marie Jergensen

Other Names
Sarah Marie Eckhoff

Eligible for commission


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Jefferson County Election Judge (Supervisor) Property Manager Ralston Valley High School Volleyball Coach

Educational Background

BS Speech Communication, Minor Business (2000)

Zip Code


Congressional District


Past Political Activity


List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to


Organization and Advocacy Experience

Annual advocate for The Arc of Jefferson County with fundraising campaign Summit of Hope.


I am sincerely interested in being an impartial member of the commission advocating for the best interest of all Coloradans.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have been a team captain in every sport I’ve competed in from middle school through college. I can follow directions and implement them. I can see situations from multiple perspectives and try to leave emotions out of the decision making.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am a wife and mother of 4 children. Each child has offered many opportunities to look at parenting on an individual basis while holding to core values with my spouse. As my children have grown, I’ve had to reflect and adjust to new situations and consider how to be the best guide to each one while allowing them to be their own selves. I am thoughtful, fair, considerate, kind.


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