Application for Congressional Commission for Veronica Scoggins

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Veronica Scoggins

Other Names
Veronica Stroud

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Veterans Services Management Inc. - Contract Specialist Contractor

Educational Background

Degrees in Journalism and Broadcasting, News Editorial and Accounting. Masters in strategic communications. Have insurance license.

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

$10 to Joe Biden. $100 to Elizabeth Warren and knocked doors and made phone calls for Liz in 2020. In 2016, I may have donated a nominal amount to a democrat. Pre-2015, I gave to some republican candidates.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Broken Arrow OK Bentley Village HOA President, previously the secretary and vice president over a five year period. Member of Tulsa Young Professionals, helped with the get out the vote campaign.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I do not have experience in this.


I believe that districts should be divided based on size and locations. I do not believe districts should be set based on anyone's political preference, association or need. I believe that districts should accurately reflect the temperature of given areas as best as possible. I believe that districts should not discriminate based on age, sex, nationality, race or sexual orientation but that each district should best represent the people of that area. I would do my best not to cave to any demands from someone with a political agenda and instead set districts based on shared commonalities, size and location alone.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I work as a contracting officer. We evaluate offers on a daily basis and give no preference to companies we like better or we know better. Before that, I worked as an insurance agent where my job was to consistently do the best I could for my company, which often meant going to a company that was a lower commission rate for me because it was better for my customer. In everything I do, I have a deep code of ethics and morals. I live my life trying to be fair to people and fight for justice as I am able and this would be no different. And while I am open to hearing the ideas of others and carefully weighing and considering their proposals, I am not a pushover who would allow the most outspoken person to railroad the other people involved. I would do my best to constantly keep in mind the will of the Colorado voters as a whole as I worked on this team.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Not only did I spend time working as a journalist and evaluating statements as true or false using research and statistics, I have also spent much of my life solving problems. I have worked as an accountant, an auditor, an insurance agent, a contracting officer, a journalist and a salesperson. I consistently have to solve problems for other people and I revel in the opportunity to do it. I absolutely love to solve problems. Whether it is a clogged sink, a home improvement project, a spat between friends, a difficult situation or a work issue, I like to be able to evaluate and solve problems.


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