Application for Congressional Commission for William Bennett Hogrefe

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William Bennett Hogrefe

Other Names
William B Hogrefe

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retired 2013; Flight Chief for 10th Services at Air Force Academy (Nonappropriated Funds Financial Management Chief)

Educational Background

Business Degree, some graduate studies, 40 years accounting and financial management for US Air Force, continuing education

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Past Political Activity

2015: Dec: Right to Work $10, Tea Party $17.76, Grassfire $17.76; 2016: Mar: NRA-ILA $26, Tim Neville for CO senate $10, Conservative Campaign $17.76, El Paso Country Republicans (caucus fees) $80; Jun CA FPC $10, Independence Inst $35.52; Aug: Advocacy to Action $8, NRA-ILA $17.76; Oct: Transaxt $17.76, Nov: Mike Johnson $11; 2017: Jan: Oathkeepers $17.76; Mar: NotOneMoreDime $20; Apr: CCC PAC $20; Nov FPF $20, CAGW $10, Prager U $10, Ntnl Pro-Life $10, FPC $10; Dec: Indep Institute $20; 2018: May: Club for Conservatives $25; Aug: Alliance Defending Freedom $20; Sep: Stapleton for CO $20; Oct: Blackburn TN $25, Stapleton $25; 2019: Jan Alliance Defending Freedom $20, Donate.Donald $20.20; Mar: FPF $25, Values First CO $25; Apr: Values First $25; May: Recall Sullivan $24; Jul: Turning Point $5; Aug: FPC $25; Sep: Anna Luna (FL) $25; Nov: FPC $18.18, FPF $17.91; 2020: Jun: Boebert $17.76; Jul: Protect CO Vote $17.76, Boebert $21, Bikers for Trump $20; Aug: Project Veritas $20.20, Bikers for Trump $25; Sep: Boebert $17.76, Ritenhouse Defense $20, GOA $25; Noem (SD) $17.76, McSally (AZ) $35.52, GOA $10, Boebert $10

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Shooks Run Neighborhood Assn, Secretary Pikes Peak Gun Club (elected position 2015-2018), Archery Director PPGC (appointed 2015-2018), TOSC, Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition, Izaak Walton League

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Planned, organized and executed building an archery range at PPGC; required obtaining funding from the Board and CO Parks and Wildlife, getting cooperation from archery businesses in Colorado Springs, getting volunteers to do the physical labor, keeping the Board appraised of progress and spending, building a consensus on where to place the range and how to lay it out... 3 year project...


help ensure fair elections in CO... when I look at districting maps for Colorado Springs I can't help but think they were built along party lines, not people...

Statement on Working with Consensus

I worked with diverse Boards for years at the Academy, mostly working to get agreement on budgets, a difficult job at best... I don't "draw a line in the sand" because everybody views solutions to problems from their own perspective - the trick is finding common goals and the means to reach them that everybody can accept...

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In financial management a person is constantly called upon to analyze numbers, explain what they mean in lay terms, how they impact an issue, and what options are available to direct the outcome...


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grumpy old white man