Application for Congressional Commission for Robert F. Fuschino

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Robert F. Fuschino

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Pilot/Instructor/Evaluator United Airlines Principal, Engineering Consulting business

Educational Background

BS Math, USAF Academy BS Electrical Engineering, USAF Academy MS Electrical Engineering, USAF Academy PhD Student, Systems Engineering, Colorado State University Air Transport Pilot Certificate

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Past Political Activity

Donated to Ted Cruz

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Member Cherry Hills Community Church, Taught Sunday School, Treasurer Wings Over the Rockies Museum, Executive Committee/Board Member at Wings Over the Rockies Museum, Volunteer/Regular Donor for Denver Rescue Mission

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Lead Finance Committee for Wings Over the Rockies Museum Board. Helped organize numerous fund raising campaigns for the Museum. Helped develop State of Colorado marketing strategy and effort to brand Colorado as "Aerospace Alley" to highlight Colorado's leadership in Aerospace. Advocated for charter middle school, Colorado Skies Academy, built on the grounds of the Wings Museum Centennial Airport facility. Charter school focuses on project based learning with support from Wings Over the Rockies Museum personnel and aerospace expertise.


I am very interested in ensuring fairness in the process and to make sure that all people of Colorado have representation at all levels of government. We cannot afford for anyone in Colorado to feel that their voice is not heard or that their concerns are not addressed.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have been fortunate in my life to have had many opportunities to lead great people. As an instructor or engineering manager I have always found that garnering buy in from team members is best accomplished by setting a broad vision and promoting open and honest communications (free from judgement). I have had great success with this approach in every aspect of my life, from leading a flight of fighter aircraft, developing high tech products, to building consensus to expand educational opportunities for Colorado middle school students. Simple respect and an open environment for communications where every team member's concerns and ideas are heard and weighed are the ingredients for success in building consensus among any group.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have extensive education and experience in critical thinking and analytical skills. Core to an engineering and math education are analytical and problem solving skills. I have used them extensively and gained over 20 years of engineering and product development leadership successfully putting those skills to work on a daily basis. Finally, my training and experience as a fighter pilot, test pilot, and airline pilot for over 28 years further honed these skills.


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