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Harry A. Ford

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Retired. I have owned an operated a computer software & hardware company. I have invested in real estate, I have been a college professor and spent many years starting and working for non-profits as a way to give back.

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I have the following degrees: Assoc Arts, B.A. - Teaching Certificate in English, Social Studies and Industrial Technology, Michigan State Univ. - Masters of Social Work, Masters of Psychology, PHD in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Michigan

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Donated to the Biden Campaign and to Senate Campaigns in Georgia

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Founder of Gift of Hope Foundation which provides training and equipment to School Social Workers to provide non-drug based treatment to young people who suffer from ADHD, Anxiety etc.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I was co-founder of Front Range Earth Force, I co-organized HECHO in North Denver a community organization and wrote the bylaws etc, I organized and founded Groundwork Denver, I consulted with the Denver Foundation Community Grant project.


I watched our last election and noted that nearly half of our people are seriously alienated from the other half in beliefs. I also noted that districts are drawn politically rather than geographically or by population (whatever the political leanings) and I would like to engage in discussions with others to constructively find a way to create districts that are not politically based or if political do not favor one party or the other in such a way that doesn't provide fair representation.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe that consensus is important, the first step to consensus is really listening to each other while the concerns are expressed and a methodology is developed which both sides can agree is fair. This starts with defining fairness, creating an objective that is based on fair representation not focused on one political viewpoint. Can I be fair? Most of us confuse opinions with facts. Most of us confuse our opinions with what is right. The first step for all of us would be to step back and understand that right and wrong is an opinion. As a new group forming around a task we need to establish our own norms for what is right, create a yardstick against what we measure proposals to see if our defined fairness is being actualized. I would never claim to be impartial, but I believe I can work toward fairness. I was discussing fairness with someone today and their response was just divide the State up into blocks of equal size and ignore who lives there. My response was so if I owned 10,000 acres the representative for that area would be elected by fewer people, what about population density? I believe that citizens, once they study and hear different views can make a better decision than a single expert, in fact there is research to back that up. My response put me with a small group who hold very different views to make a decision and consensus can be reached if all are honestly working toward a common goal.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I understand Statistics and statistical methods, I have started and run a computer company, I regularly do analysis for the purchase of property in various places, looking at populations, proximity to work and recreation. I have as a hobby purchased and sold over 50 buildings and made a profit while improving communities. All of that take analysis and logic - reason in this case is understanding the population and economics of a given area.


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Male (On the above questions both my grand daughters are hispanic, both my children are fluent in Spanish.)