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Erik Staubo

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11/01/2016 - Present: Retired 02/01/1993 - 10/3/1993: Various Management Roles, Oracle America Corporation

Educational Background

I have a technical degree from ATT Technical Institute and extensive career related training through my employers.

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Past Political Activity

I have not donated money to any political campaign at any time in my life. I attended one county level political event in 2018. I have not otherwise participated in any political activity.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have never been a member of any political or civic organizations. I am a current member of the Northern Colorado Weaver's Guild (NCWG), a non profit community organization that is not engaged in any political activity.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have been a Vice President and board member of NCWG, responsible for scheduling workshops and other guild member events. During my professional career, I organized and ran many internal and customer facing training classes, focus groups, trade shows, and other events. These events involved up to over 100 people and ran for as long as two weeks.


I am very interested in ensuring all Colorado residents are fairly represented in the Colorado Congress. This starts with ensuring the district boundaries include people with similar needs and priorities. An urban resident of the Denver metro area has very different needs and priorities than a wheat farmer in Kiowa county or a rancher in Grand County. It is important to have Congressional districts and thus representatives that reflect the diverse nature of our great state.

Statement on Working with Consensus

During my working career I specialized in coordinating and managing projects across multiple departments and between different companies. In order to do this effectively I had to be skilled in listening to and understanding the needs and priorities of all parties involved then taking that information and consolidating it into a plan that met the overall project objectives while also meeting the needs of all participants. I would gain consensus from all participants and approval from executive management. During execution I would continue to maintain this consensus as the needs of the project and of the participants changed. From a political perspective, while I am a long term registered Republican I am not really partisan and I do not have any political agenda. My goals as a commissioner would be to ensure the needs of the people are met as well as possible and that the commission completes its objectives in a timely manner.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am very detail oriented and have extensive experience managing large-scale, complex projects. A major part of my responsibilities was anticipating, identifying and resolving problems in a group environment.


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