Application for Congressional Commission for Amanda Tarr

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Amanda Tarr

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Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapy Supervisor, Platte Valley Medical Center (SCL Health)

Educational Background

B.S. - Northwestern University, Speech and Hearing Sciences M.S. - Portland State University, Speech Pathology Colorado license as a speech-language pathologist CCC-SLP from American Speech and Hearing Association

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Past Political Activity

Hillary Clinton - 2016 ActBlue 2020 Elizabeth Warren 2019-20 Joe Biden 2020

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) 2017-2020

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As VP of Public Policy, President and Past President of CSHA, I have represented the speech-language pathologists and audiologists in the state of Colorado. I have worked with our lobbyist and local legislators to pass bills relevant to our profession. I have helped organize our annual conference and attend monthly Board meetings. I have also represented our state organization at national conferences.


I feel that independent and non-partisan redistricting is imperative to upholding the integrity of our voting system. Districts have been historically drawn to favor one party or another, which has skewed voting results and tends to be unfair to lower income neighborhoods, especially those whose residents are of color. Voting is an American right and should be as fair and balanced as possible.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As an unaffiliated voter, I am not particular to either party. Although I tend to vote one way, I do not identify as a member of any party member. I am so passionate about voting districts being logical and non-partisan that I will scrutinize things rationally and impartially. I will use that logic to share my opinions with the group and hopefully help see my point. This committee was voted upon by the people of Colorado for that exact purpose.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In my job as operations supervisor, I have to solve unexpected problems and difficulties every day. I look at the problem, determine possible solutions and conclude which would be most fair and efficient. I often discuss possible solutions with a colleague (or colleagues) to get input and arrive at a consensus based solution.


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