Application for Congressional Commission for Tricia C Stewart

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Tricia C Stewart

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Tricia Stewart

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Medical Direction at Communication Partners, LLC

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

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Past Political Activity

I contributed to the Joe Biden Campaign 2020

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Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have minimal experience in this role as it relates to groups, organizations or associations in Colorado.


As a medical director for a medical communication company my role is to ensure medical information is accurately communicated in a fair and balanced way. I believe strongly in the regulatory requirements that serve to protect patients and ensure special interests do not cause harm. I understand the importance of data and how it should be utilized and am aware of the dangers of how it can be utilized. My interest is serving on the commission is to give back to the people of Colorado and ensure a fair, non-partisan process takes place. And I also love maps.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Being fair and impartial requires one to be able to appreciate other viewpoints and perspective. I enjoy asking questions, listening and evaluating what drives one's viewpoints and perspectives. I'm comfortable engaging others in a discussion that may be uncomfortable while maintaining a high level of respect and appreciation of others. I'm direct but not intimidating. And I consider myself to be a very, very fair and impartial person. I'm happy to provide additional information and context if I am being considered for the position.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As I mentioned previously my role as a Medical Director for a medical communication company requires me to constantly analyze data and present the data in a meaningful, accurate, fair and balanced way. I work in a highly regulated industry and I appreciated and understand the importance of being fair and impartial. I also appreciate the importance of evaluating/assessing data and gathering as much information before making decisions. Both in my career and personal life I take the time to gather as much information as possible when challenged with a problem and consider all possible solutions. My personal approach to problem solving very much mirrors the scientific method that most of us were taught in high school.


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