Application for Congressional Commission for Robert James Bucknam

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Robert James Bucknam

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Engineering Project Manager at Medtronic.

Educational Background

United States Military Academy at West Point: Bachelor's of Science (Mechanical Engineering) University of Notre Dame: Master's of Business Administration University of Denver: Current JD Candidate at Sturm College of Law

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Past Political Activity

I have not had any past political activity. I think that I donated a small amount to the Ted Cruz campaign in the 2016 election, but I cannot remember the amount.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

United States Army (Honorable discharge July, 2015) Indiana National Guard (Honorable discharge January, 2018) William E. Doyle Inn of Court (Current)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As a combat officer, my job was to organize my soldiers in such a way as to be as effective as possible. The strongest aspects of each had to be highlighted. I had to consider the interests of each subordinate team and group as I did. At times, these subordinate teams consisted of detachments from whole different parts of the military altogether. Organizing campaigns here required a great deal of listening, understanding, proposing solutions, organizing a team around those solutions, then advocating for those solutions to other officers and groups. The outcome may be granting a particular mission or allowing a specific plan to move forward, but it required a great deal of organizing around the interests of disparate parties in order to do so.


I would like to serve on this commission simply to serve my state and its citizens. We live in a great place, and it is absolutely vital that every Coloradan be heard. We live in a state with a wide array of needs, goals, and desires. From mountain towns to bustling metropolitan areas, we are different, but we are also the same people. I believe in the importance of ensuring that each of our citizens not only has a voice in how our state moves forward into the next decade, but I think that it is imperative that we know we have that voice. I simply want to help our citizens know that in Colorado, you can be heard and you can make a difference. I have served the people of this state before in the military, and I hope to be able to do so again here.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I will promote consensus and create agreement by first listening, striving to understand the different interests and goals of the parties involved, and then proposing solutions that incorporate feedback and meet the needs of all involved to the greatest extent possible. In my job as a project manager, I currently work at the nexus of a host of cross-functional teams with different interests, goals, incentives, and desired outcomes. My job is to put all that together and build a coalition around a path forward that only helps all parties. I will bring those skills to this commission. Ultimately, anything that this commission comes up with must be as fair and impartial as possible. That is what the people of Colorado deserve. As a military officer, I not only had to be fair to each soldier, but I had to promote impartiality when we worked with other teams, other military units, and other organizations. The same can be said in my current job. Even beyond the workplace, though, the members of this commission will have to be impartial in a whole new way. They will have to balance the needs of ranchers, downtown business owners, and suburban families. This state incorporates people of every economic status, racial background, and orientation, but all of us must be fairly represented. It is incumbent on a representative government to ensure that its citizens – no matter who they are – are heard. With a task like this, impartiality is a duty incumbent on each member of the commission, and I can most assuredly uphold that duty.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My education, in particular, has helped me develop my analytical skills. I learned through my engineering and business degrees how to use mathematical analytics to understand and solve complex data problems. Additionally, I am learning in the JD that I am currently pursuing at Denver Law School to apply logic to solve problems in a totally different way. Law school is showing me how to analyze issues not through math but through the lens of law, society, and justice. Between my mathematical and legal training, I believe that I have the analytical skills required for this commission.


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