Application for Congressional Commission for Megan Winecoff

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Megan Winecoff

Other Names
Megan Volckening

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The Awake Network, Event Producer - Current Shambhala Mountain Center - Director of Programs, 2014- 2019 - Program Staffing Coordinator, 2013- 2014 - Guest Service Manager, 2012- 2013 - Development Manager, 2010- 2012

Educational Background

UC Berkeley, BA in Political Science, 2009 4.0 GPA

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

My political activity has largely been in voting. This year I wrote letter to encourage people to exorcise their vote. During the 2020 election cycle, I donated to Joe Biden’s campaign, as well as Bernie Sander’s primary campaign. In 2016 I donated to Hilary Clinton’s campaign. I have also donated to the ACLU and a couple of relief funds.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am currently on the Board of The Awake Network Foundation. I do t belong to any other organizations.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

While I don’t have any experience working in advocacy, I have a lot of experience organizing volunteers and considering and integrating interests of many groups trying to come together. In my work at Shambhala Mountain Center, I often mobilized team Of volunteers to accomplish fundraising efforts and core business functions. In the leadership position I heard there, I worked to integrate the needs of various groups into new business processes and policies.


I feel that an impartial approach to redistricting is imperative to the maintenance of our democracy in Colorado. I believe I can bring my strong skills in communication, leadership, team building, along with my deep commitment to the health of our democratic process and fair representation to the commission.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am very practiced in listening to all perspectives and working to find common ground among diverse perspectives. I would be able to promote consensus by looking for the opportunities for agreement and building on those. I’m also ver good and navigating difficult conversations or disagreements with openness and equanimity. I have my opinions and will fight for fairness. I am also flexible enough to have my mind changed with new information. I believe this is the where my ability to be fair and impartial is rooted.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have a strong ability for critical thinking and problem solving. My training in Political Science at Berkeley instilled an ability to see problems clearly and seek pertinent information and data to better understand the problem and possible solutions. Logic and reason follow naturally from this approach.


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