Application for Congressional Commission for Willow Moon Moreland

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Willow Moon Moreland

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Self-Employed Graphic Design

Educational Background

Profficient in social media and administartive backgrounds. Have worked with multiple real estate companies that diverse from multimilionares to working class. I feel as a native of colorado, I have a great grasp on the diversity colorado has to offer.

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Past Political Activity

Have not donated to any party.

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Organization and Advocacy Experience



I feel like i am a non partisan voter that will perform at the best capacity based on factual information. I want the best for our state and will go above and beyond to convey that.

Statement on Working with Consensus

While I am an unaffiliated voter, my family, friends, and local community make up a spectrum of political leanings and moral beliefs that I frequently find myself mediating discussions/arguments and occasional all out fisticuffs. In the end, most incidents do come to peaceful conclusions despite disagreements and some actually lead to further civil discourse. In all situations, I strive to see both or multiple views, and encourage each involved party to take a walk in eaxh others shoes.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Executive assistant to multple companies


Racial categories the applicant identifies with: