Application for Congressional Commission for Charles MacKean

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Charles MacKean

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Civil Engineering P.E. - 12 years at current employer - Construction Quality Assurance Testing and Inspection

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Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering Professional Engineer in Colorado

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Letter writing to local elected officials on local matters.


I am interested in volunteering to help the people of the state get fair and neutral representation on the board. I feel that I could educate myself to be able to provide thoughtful and careful consideration of complex issues that are certain to arise. I anticipate having time available to perform the duties of the board over the next few months. I feel that it is time for me to give back to a State that has given me so much happiness.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I do believe that I am able to be fair and impartial. My sympathies lie both with the people of the state to live in a fair, compassionate, and healthy community while allowing enterprises the ability to create a strong economy within reasonable and effective, but not burdensome constraints creating conditions that benefit the maximum number of people. I believe in emphasizing the common ground that we all share, and working outward from that. This approach seems to work well with people I have worked with. To date, I haven't have any problem getting along with people from either end of the political spectrum.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Almost every problem that I encounter in my work, Quality Assurance Testing and Inspection of large Civil Engineering projects (pardon the capitalization) involves finding consensus and soothing raw feelings. The contractor always feels that they are doing a good job (which is generally true), and the owner always feels that the contractor is cheating them (which is sometimes true). As the person who explains the findings of field quality personnel when issues arise, and who suggests a way forward, logic and reason, along with evidence and context are used regularly. This type of engineering requires a compassionate but firm approach, coupled with a firm grip of the evidence and the applicable rules. I have had a lot of practice at it over the last 25 years or so.


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