Application for Congressional Commission for Peter Oliver Large

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Peter Oliver Large

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Vice President, Trimble (12/7) Research Strategist, Boeing 2019-2020 Director, Inmarsat Aviation 2015-2019 Vice President, Trimble 2010-2104

Educational Background

EdD Doctor of Education, Oklahoma State MS in Management, Stanford GSB Postgraduate Diploma, University of Oxford

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Past Political Activity

I have previously donated to both Democratic Party and Republican Party candidates, based on merit. Since November 2015 my donations have been to candidates of the Democratic Party.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Member of the Academy of Management Member of the Strategic Management Society Member of the Institute of Navigation

Organization and Advocacy Experience

None, other than within Colorado businesses.


My main motivations are: (1) A desire to contribute to society and to the process pf democracy. (2) A desire to ensure equitable, reasonable and defensible congressional districts in the State of Colorado. (3) A desire to put my education and business expertise to the best use of society.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have thirty years of professional experience in diverse, highly successful technological enterprises where progress is made through open debate, critical analysis, professional integrity and balanced judgement. My realistic expectation in the context of this specific committee of commissioners is that those affiliated with a political party will have strong views about districts which are self-serving to their party. Consensus will not be easily found, nor will agreement be easy. My experience and philosophy of business negotiations is that the best deals are those where neither party is entirely satisfied. But I also do not believe that simple compromises are necessarily the best solution either. I believe that the unaffiliated commissioners will have both an extraordinary responsibility and a substantial challenge. My approach is to be comfortable with healthy conflict and disagreement, to surface which outcomes are of prime importance to all parties and stakeholders involved, and to encourage solutions which are are ultimately in the best interests of the remarkable citizens of our state - and which any of the commissioners should be able to look any of our citizens in the eye, regardless of their political affiliation, and with hand on heart say that the output of the redistricting committee was fair and reasonable.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have been fortunate enough to complete graduate degrees at two of the world’s finest institutions, as well as doctoral training, all of which provide a thorough grounding in critical reasoning, data and evidence driven analysis and the application of logic. Furthermore, I have thirty years of professional experience in highly technical business environments which depend upon careful analysis, logic and reasoning in decision making.


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