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Jack Borski

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I am an reservoir characterization geologist at Occidental petroleum. Previously, I attended graduate school at the Montana State University.

Educational Background

I have earned a bachelor degree in Geology from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Following, I went on to earn a Master's degree in Earth Science from Montana State University. I am currently enrolled at Denver University where I have earned a professional certificate in Geographic Information System (GIS), and will be working towards a second master's degree in GIS.

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I have not donated any money to any organizations.

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I have not belonged to any volunteer or neighborhood organizations.

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I do not have any experience in this realm.


As my education shows, I have a strong background in map making. I believe this is an essential skill in creating numerically valid and fair maps. In my career, I have too often seen maps that do not honor the original data, and have allowed opinion or feel to overrule the raw data. I intend to utilize my statistical and mapping skills to generate a valid, defendable, and fair maps.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Ultimately making fair maps requires the ability to accurate geographic information in map form. I plan to generate consensus by allowing the data to speak for itself using transparent, and established statistical and mapping techniques.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Analytics are the skill that I am able to offer to the commission. My career involves utilizing established geostatististical techniques in order to make valid maps. I intend to utilized these skills to add an unbiased element to the generation of mapping.


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