Application for Congressional Commission for John Toaspern

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John Toaspern

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Chief Marketing Officer, Potatoes USA

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Economics, Stanford University Masters of Arts from the Food Research Institute, Stanford University

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

Donated to the Biden for President Campaign, Donated to the Carry Kennedy for Governor campaign, Donated to Fair Tax Colorado

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Trout Unlimited Colorado

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I work on behalf of the Colorado and U.S. potato growers


To help create fair districts that represent the interests of Coloradoans not based on political parties or affiliation. Create districts that fairly represent the interests of rural, suburban and urban residents, that represent all economic position and pursuit, and that account for and represent all ethnicities.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am not directly involved in the political workings of Colorado and am not a partisan. I lead a very diverse staff and work for potato growers in 35 states with very different backgrounds and interests. I work with them to develop strategic plans and programs that meet a wide range of needs and conditions on behalf of a 100+ person Board. I have always participated in sports and believe in fair competition and following the rules making sure that the objective is reached and not derailed by cheaters or liars. Having served in the USDA foreign service I am a trained diplomat and negotiator who has negotiated trade deals with representatives of over 20 countries on behalf of a diverse of set of U.S. stakeholders. I am a life long public servant, who believes in working behalf of all U.S. citizens not a select few.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am an economist and policy analyst that has applied logical and mathematical to problems of Economic development in the third world, increasing trade and U.S. exports and increasing demand for U.S. potatoes. I manage a budget of over $15 million expended on hundreds of programs in the U.S. and 15 international markets. All of my work is based on in-depth analysis of the market situation and conditions and the development of strategic plans designed to overcome barriers and obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.


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