Application for Congressional Commission for Kathleen Marie Baur

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Kathleen Marie Baur

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Psychologist Jefferson Center for Mental Health

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Licensed Psychologist Colorado license #PSY 2222 University of Wyoming, PhD and MA California State University Dominguez Hills MS California State University Long Beach BA

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I volunteered for Jason Crow during his last 2 runs. this election cycle I volunteered for MomsRising. I have donated money to MoveOn, Black Lives Vote, Jamie Harrison, Stacy Abrams, Amy McGrath, Ditch Mitch, Jason Crow.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am not a member of any political or civic organizations. I am a member of American Psychological Association and Aurora Pottery Guild

Organization and Advocacy Experience

In my work as a psychologist in community mental health and the training director for our doctoral internship program I am a strong advocate for social justice. Daily I see the impact of politics on the lives of the people with whom I work and the need for everyone to truly have a voice. In the community mental health system we work hard to advocate for the needs of our clients who are often marginalized due to their mental health and life circumstances. As the training director of our Doctoral Internship, I have increased our recruiting for a more diverse applicant pool so that it is more reflective of the people we serve.


Gerrymandering started in 1812 and since its inception it has morphed over time to be a system where the politicians pick their voters. The ability to statistically pack and split voters through data collection and computer programming subverts the ideals of democracy. It has lead to a polarization of the electorate rof red vs blue that reduces the need for compromise. Governing has been replaced by obstructing leading to gridlock with no one winning, particularly the citizens the politicians are supposed to represent. District lines should reflect the community and their needs.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a psychologist I am trained in many of the areas necessary to promote consensus; effective communications, finding common ground, perspective taking, and most importantly staying calm and focused in times of crisis. I believe the most harmful thing to our country has been the polarization of our 2 party system which has lead us to forget that we all want the same things for our families; a good education, a job that sustains us, clean air and water. This endeavor is an opportunity for all of us to get back the the things we can all agree upon and work towards a fair and impartial system so everyone's voice can be heard whether it is a Democrat , a Republican, or an Independent.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a clinical psychologist I was trained in statistics. I head 2 teams at Jefferson Center which requires making decisions based on data. I trained doctoral interns, externs, and students on interpreting testing data for psychological assessments.


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