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Joseph Sondag

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Self Employed Software Engineer (Salesforce) - February 2018-Present Prior Positions in last 10 years: -CRM Systems Analyst (Salesforce Development)(LogRhythm) -Sales Operations Analyst (LogRhythm) -Associate Sales Representative (Stack Overflow) -Student Orientation Leader (CU Boulder) -Student Library Staff (CU Boulder)

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Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics. University of Colorado Boulder, 2012

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I am a dead center moderate, and my entire identity is essentially analytically based (education, career, hobbies). I think I can advocate for objective, logically based, data-driven outcomes. Also --just practically-- I will be completing my current work project early next year, so the timing lines up. I think it would be a fun project I could take pride in and find personally fulfilling, and with being self-employed the flexibility is there.

Statement on Working with Consensus

This is almost difficult to express succinctly, as it is quite central to who I am (it is also a little awkward to self-cite on matters of character, ha), but I would say the primary example would be how my fascination with the interworkings of the political system typically occupies more space in my thoughts than any policy considerations. Perhaps admitting this is detrimental to my application, but I occasionally frustrate friends during political discussions for being too focused on the mechanics of the system, rather than the actual policy issues at hand. If I could hold any elected office (which I assure you I do NOT ever want to do... not my personality), I think I'd be a good fit for Secretary of State, specifically because my impartial nature would infer trust in a role with such important and broad administrative responsibilities.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I studied mathematics at the university level for four years (go buffs!). Then I built and pored over excel spreadsheets analyzing business data for a number of years. Now I write software all day for large companies.


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