Application for Congressional Commission for Donia R Amick

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Donia R Amick

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Donia R Coble

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Director of Racing Events—-Colorado Department of Revenue

Educational Background

University of Colorado—BA-Political Science University of Colorado-Denver-MPA—Public Administration POST certification (1996)

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Past Political Activity

I worked for Governor Roy Romer from May of 1994 to December of 1995. I worked on the Friends of Strickland campaign for Tom Strickland for three months until I became a police office in Lakewood Colorado. I had no political work while I was at Lakewood PD.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I was a member of National Liquor Law Enforcement Association for approximately 3 years and was elected to Sergeant-at-Arms where I served for several months before a promotion to the Gaming Division. I joined National Association of Gaming Regulators and a Gaming Regulators working group. I was moved to Racing and joined the Association of Racing Commissions (ARCI)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have had positions in the regulatory divisions of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Events. In each of the Divisions I have worked with stakeholders who have a vested interest in the regulatory matters created by rule. In Gaming and Racing events I worked with Commissions who were appointed by the Governor’s office. These Commission are essential as a representatives of theIt industries. Creating groups with differing opinions but that are willing to work well together are essential.


I have always been interested in politics and believe in our political system. By creating a fair and representative areas we continue to ensure an effective political system free from undue Influence.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My entire career has been one of building consensus. As a police officer I worked to ensure I upheld the laws by using procedural justice. I made a point of explaining what was happening and what I had to do. I worked with high risk children and adults in my assignments. As a hostage negotiator I worked on resolutions. As a regulator who works with monthly Commissions I must ensure a positive working environment where disagreements can be discussed and consensus prevails.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a regulator I apply statues and rules to decisions. Following through many of the statues requires reason in understanding the intent of legislative drafters.


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