Application for Congressional Commission for Sheryl Ostrich Barto

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Sheryl Ostrich Barto

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Sheryl Barto

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Self Employed, PR Agency

Educational Background

BA Journalism

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Past Political Activity

I am married to Karl Hanlon who has run for office 2x - once for state office and once for federal office. Donated to: Hanlon for Congress in 2018, Donated to Hickenlooper for Senate in 2020, Hanlon for State Senate in 2020 and Biden for President in 2020. Helped with communications for both of Karl Hanlon's campaigns

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Volunteered to get a school district mil levy passed using my PR skills. I was a commissioner to appoint a new judge for the 9th Judicial District/Rio Blanco County. I am a board member at Smiling Goat Ranch, a nonprofit I founded with my husband.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

In my PR work, I have represented the Roaring Fork School District and drafted a comprehensive communications plan for all the district's stakeholder groups. I have also represented a real estate developer in a municipal election in Aspen.


After learning so much about CD3 from my husband's political campaign, I'd like to be part of looking for more neutral ways to draw electoral districts, and to ensure that districts fairly represent communities and avoid extreme political contentiousness about the drawing and redrawing electoral districts.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Each individual needs to be heard – to share their opinion, listen, and remain open to new ideas or directions. Everyone's opinions need to be pooled and the overall success of the group is what's most important. Active Listening is critical - listen to the opinions of others carefully and without interruption. In the end, need to be mindful that I won't (nor will anyone else on the commission) get everything I want but need to come to an agreement everyone can accept and live with.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have spent more than 30 years as a professional public relations practitioner using communication skills for problem solving and consensus-building from working with the media to promote consumer products to running campaigns for mil levies, political candidates or managing issues and crisis communications.


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