Application for Congressional Commission for Sarah LaVigne

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Sarah LaVigne

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Sarah LaVigne

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I am a Contributing Photo Editor for Yoga Journal Magazine and a freelance photography producer

Educational Background

University of Redlands, BA in Environmental Studies : a liberal arts degree that encompasses economics, law and sociology Pratt Institute, MFA in Photography: a fine arts degree which emphasized photojournalism

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Past Political Activity

I have donated to the Clinton, Polis, Bloomberg, Biden, Buttigieg, and Warren campaigns in small amounts.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Secretary, and Board Vice President

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I was a board member for Colorado Photographic Arts Center for three years where my function was to help organize fundraising efforts and photography shows.


I admire that our state has delegated to task of redistricting to the residents. I think an informed group, comprised of a broad spectrum of culture, race and party is essential to a healthy democracy. I would love to be part of this fair and balanced process.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I find it most effective ensuring that each person has a voice and a vote, and that the minority opinion has the ability to have a voice. I think that Robert's Rules are very effective in running a meeting. I have lead committee meetings where meeting structure and the ability for people to share freely help me stay neutral as well as others. If our common welfare is the primary goal; the directives of the committee: Robert's Rules helps to achieve that very effectively/

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am socially analytical, this applies in marketing or reaching an audience, a position I am in through editorial work or in my interest. My strengths are in connecting with people of all kinds, with diverse interests and temperaments, and making people feel comfortable. I am also skilled at reading reports and distilling information quickly. I am able to communicate well, identify problems quickly, and solve them.


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