Application for Congressional Commission for Jay Erwin April

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Jay Erwin April

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Educational Background

PhD, Economics and Analytics, University of Colorado MBA, University of Hartford BA in Philosophy, BS in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Illinois

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Past Political Activity

I have made small donations, from $25 to $50, to a number of candidates. I have worked on campaigns for several candidates including Michael Hancock, Amanda Sandoval, Hank Brown, Bill Owens, Bill Armstrong, Dick Lamm and Pat Schroeder to name a few.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Board Member of Berkeley Regis Registered Neighborhood Organization; Member Regis University Community Council; Chairman Denver Golf Advisory Committee; Member Denver Game Plan Task Force; Member of Denver Sustainability Advisory Council; consultant to the National Science Foundation; prior to 2015 appointment to Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Serving on a variety of committees, Boards, and alliances has given me experience in working cooperatively in public organizations. Listening, sharing, setting objectives, and integrating priorities are especially important to achieve results. While members of a group or team might have common objectives, there may be reservations or objections that individuals have that prevent the group from achieving the objectives. When this occurs, the need for conflict resolution methods may be required. I have been trained in conflict resolution and have had numerous opportunities to employ these methods successfully. My experience in conflict resolution may be required in serving on the commission.


I believe it is imperative to create districts that equitably represent the interests of all citizens. To create congressional districts that do not favor one party, the district boundaries must be established to insure voters choose their representatives and not the other way around. The independent commission process for establishing congressional districts is new to Colorado and I would be honored to serve on the first one. Colorado voters deserve competitve elections and the redistricting process should enable that result; by serving on the commission I expect to contribute to realizing that result.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I will promote consensus by listening and using skills acquired from my education, experience in leading meetings, serving on many public and private committees and employing conflict resolution methods gained through certified conflict resolution practices. Having worked in the high tech industry for many years, I have had to be fair and impartial in dealing with clients, peers and employees who have high intellectual capacities, advanced educations and skills, often accompanied with large egos. They are highly aware of identifying biases in decision making and not shy regarding pointing them out. I have learned that fair and impartial decisions are requirements in gaining trust and commitments to achieving results. This has also worked most of the time in dealing with my children.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In my PhD thesis, I employed highly sophisticated analytical methods to solve difficult problems. This provided a framework for identifying root causes and differentiating them from symptoms. By serving on a variety of committees I gained experience in working with people with both similar and opposing interests to achieve consensus. Where there is a team of people working to achieve an agreed upon objective, one must make sure the objective is understood and if there are any reservations, the reservations are identified, discussed and resolved or the objective will not be readily achieved. This process takes logic and reason and familiarity with conflict resolution tools. Additionally, if data are to be analyzed, knowledge of techniques such as data mining may be necessary in order to process the census data appropriately. I have experience in applying data analysis techniques including pattern recognition, machine learning, and neural networks.


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