Application for Congressional Commission for Michael E. Hunter

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Michael E. Hunter

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Mike Hunter

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Current Occ: Director of Procurement, Contract Management, Insurance. Employer: Foothills Regional Housing

Educational Background

Bachelor, Business Management. Many studies, courses and certificates in real estate management, procurement and leadership seminars.

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Past Political Activity

Have donated small amounts to the Republican party, years past.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am currently the Treasurer for our HOA Board. Much of my civic involvement was many years ago, in Phoenix and Omaha, prior to moving to Colorado. I participated as a member of United Way, an Allocation Board serving family services groups. I was highly involved with fundraisers for local items like the Henry Doorly Zoo, and other United way teams. In Phoenix I was an active participant in groups like SOMOS, PAAN - Hispanic and Pacific Asian leadership groups with all of the activities and promotional efforts of each. While in Colorado I spent many years self employed and more challenged to find time away from my business than I had anticipated. I am interested in engaging with more community activity again, outside of what we do in our workplace.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have not participated in organizing for political groups in Colorado. I have participated in homeless count efforts, working in the field to canvass and count individuals living in areas of Jefferson County, through the county and municipalities. Given the mission of our work organization, have advocated for the assistance and placement of low income and homeless, especially homeless vets, within Jefferson County.


When I saw the opportunity, it presented a perfect participation with the fundamentals at a basic and important level. Determining voting district changes, or not, with a compliment of differing political affiliations seems challenging in many ways. This effort appears optimally to be one of developing agreed upon districts, based on data, supporting a balanced constituent base from the populations represented.

Statement on Working with Consensus

When asked about my political beliefs, I describe myself as a compassionate conservative. While I have clear thoughts about my ideal governmental leadership expectations, policy and behaviors, I also understand that those with differing view points feel as strongly about their beliefs and basis. I will work in a collaborative approach as I do with any groups of people, especially those with dissimilar or disparate beliefs. The objective will be can you live with this, versus win or lose, would seem realistic in an effort such as this for all involved.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I do analytics for work issues, have always had the quantitative approach to aspects of objectives and accomplishments. While I can examine through pure spreadsheet calculations, as I do with finance, procurement and contract management, I also have a propensity to ask the "why" of the numbers and end result. Numbers are projections or outcome, how they became is a deeper question. I will inquire of others how they came to their conclusions, share why I came to my own. I seek to also understand the emotional values that are threaded with the discussions, those stated or not. Understanding the motivation or fears of others at the table, can lead to more transparent discussion points without demeaning or admonishing responses.


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