Application for Congressional Commission for Jacob Paul Clolinger

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Jacob Paul Clolinger

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Health & Safety Senior Specialist with Vail Resorts

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Bowling Green State University - May 2013 Master of Science in Environmental Policy & Management from University of Denver - November 2018

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Past Political Activity


List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

The 2020 Movement is an online social justice campaign that I have volunteered with since June 2020. I have been a Board Member of the Centennial 38 Oar Foundation since January 2018. This organization promotes soccer in the Denver area.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Through my work this year with The 2020 Movement we have begun to form an online community where social justice issues can be brought forward, and community members can encourage each other to carry out tangible actions to support these issues.


I would like to have the opportunity to impact the state for the next decade. I believe that this commission ensure our democracy by playing a vital role in a fair and free election. I believe that my level-headed nature and analytical thinking can help work with a diverse group towards the best interests of all Coloradans.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe that I have always been the level-headed voice of reason in my professional life. I think that I take my time to listen and understand others' points of view before giving my opinion. I think gives me the personality to be able to work with people of different opinions to ensure that the best solution is found for everyone.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have worked professionally in an environmental where my own data and reporting informs decisions that are made with regards to health & safety. I feel that I am strongly suited to look at data and use logical reasoning to come up with the best solution from that data. I feel that I would be particularly suited to this situation given my critical thinking skills and experience having to find creative solutions to problems. I have also taken graduate level courses in GIS, which has given me an understanding of mapping. I believe this will be another invaluable skill for the commission.


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