Application for Congressional Commission for Abigail Vining

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Abigail Vining

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abigail vining

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I am currently self employed. I work as a contractor for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Washtenaw Group.

Educational Background

I am a former educator. I have a bachelors degree in US History and a a masters degree in Education.

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Past Political Activity

I have donated money to presidential candidates. I have also worked as a volunteer on several local campaigns, specifically Amendments 73 in 2018 and the No on Prop 116/117 campaigns in 2020. I worked for the Fair Tax Colorado issue committee as in kind staff from the Bel Policy center through the spring of 2020 until is became clear that it would not be possible to gather enough signatures.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

League of Women Voters

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I was the coalition manager for Fair Tax Colorado for a year an a half leading up to the signature collection process. In that role, I spoke to people and traveled all across Colorado to understand policy perspectives. I designed a survey and presentation and worked to bring feedback from community into the decision making space. I successfully gathered input from over thousands of stake holders both at the grass tops level and grassroots/community level.


I believe that they way we shape the political infrastructure in our state impacts the voice that are heard and represented. Creating a balanced political space is an important way to help communities thrive and engage in the governing of our state. Districts are also one of the invisible aspects of our political process that more people should be involved in. I have been somewhat involved in politics but recognize that there is more I can do as a Coloradan.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a former teacher and coalition manager, I have the skills to promote healthy discussion and disagreement and to facilitate systems that move groups toward consensus. I studied group learning theory in graduate school and have practice implementing structures in the classroom to help students find consensus and learn together and while teaching is not always seen as transferable by those outside of the profession, I know these skills work in other environments and are invaluable. Impartiality is a skill that I work on frequently and that I had great practice with while gathering input for the Fair Tax Colorado work. From this experience I learned that sometimes that best ideas and perspectives come during moments of impartial listening and I would hold on to this if I were to be a part of the commission.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In studying history I developed deep critical thinking and analytic skills because to study history you must understand perspective and be willing to look for multiple perspectives. This way of thinking and approaching information is an important part of how this commission should do it's work. While this is my foundation, I also posses the numerical literacy necessary to make sense of large arrays of data, as a teacher this was important and in a signature gathering effort is was important.


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