Application for Congressional Commission for Afsheen Ahmad

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Afsheen Ahmad

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I started a small arts business called Chromatix 2 years ago.

Educational Background

Bachelors in Architecture 1999 Psychology and arts course

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Past Political Activity

2016- I’ve volunteered at the Democratic Party office in Broomfield. Helped with phone banks and also knocking at the doors. Helped with new voter registration. 2020- I was part of the AAPI ( Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders) effort in Colorado. I’ve made about 5 donations total during the past two elections. Amounts have been less than $25 each for senator Sanders and Clinton’s campaigns. This year I made a $15 donation for Amy Mc- Garths campaign for senate.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I’m an active CASA volunteer in Adams county. I joined the organization in 2018. I’ve also been part of an interfaith alliance effort and participated as a Muslim in an Olive Branch giving circle in Boulder.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As a CASA advocate I’ve been helping kids in the judicial system for the last several years and the experience has taught me a lot about how economics and race affect our society. I’m also an active member of of the inter faith peace alliance and have helped organize and participate in the events held at the Boulder mosque. Lemon tree peace walk is one such initiative I’ve been an active participant of. I’ve also been part of an Interfaith giving circle working to support pro-solution efforts addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I’ve always made an effort to be an active part of the community, volunteering at various local food banks and charities.


I believe in giving back to the community. I believe that diversity is a strength that makes this country great. This commission provides with an opportunity to exercise both these beliefs for me. I also believe in helping shape a better future for my children and showing them that we can all make a difference.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe in the Democratic process and listening to others. Coming into the process with preconceived notions is of no use to this process. I don’t have much background knowledge about this subject so I intend to look at things with an open mind. I’m affiliated with the Democratic Party but I’ve always tried to look at the bigger picture before making any decisions. During my time while participating in the giving circle we were divided into teams and were asked to choose an organization working in the Israel- Palestine region and campaign for them. We started with 8 organizations and only one could get the funds that were collected. Majority had to agree at the end about the distribution of funds. The process we all went through was an amazing experience in communication and the idea of fairness. My organization came in 2nd and we were able to create a lot of recognition and even generate some funds for it. The fact that this was a politically and emotionally charged subject for all the participants and a consensus had to be reached at the end was a difficult task. The result was only possible through communication and compromise on behalf of all the participants.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My degree is in architecture and I have several years of experience with design and construction. I’ve worked in different countries and with various kinds of people. Something I’ve learnt is that the best solution is not always the most obvious one. I’ve also taken all the psychology courses available at Front Range community college in order to go for my masters in the subject. My experience as a CASA is a continuation of this process. I’ve dealt with people of various backgrounds while dealing with these court cases and the fact that sometimes reunification with the parents may not be the best solution for the children is something I did not think I could ever believe in before encountering certain situations. One solution does not fit all is what I’ve learned through all the various life lesson I’ve had. I found out about this opportunity on the 9th of November so did not have the time to get any recommendation letters in but I can provide them with a short notice if needed.


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