Application for Congressional Commission for Jon L. Gallegos

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Jon L. Gallegos

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Jon Leslie Gallegos

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I am retired as of February 2020. My resume will be up loaded in the later step relating to this application.

Educational Background

I have a Bachelors of Social Work from Colorado State University (1979) and a Maters of Public Administration from University of Colorado Denver (2006)

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Past Political Activity

I was an advisory board member of the Spanish Language Advisory Board the Denver Election commission for over 5 years. I participated in the caucus for my precinct (7192930004) for the 2016 presidential election.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

*Spanish Language Advisory Board for the Denver Election Commission *The Arvada Humans Services Advisory Committee *The Racial Gender Disparity Advisory Committee for the Denver Crime Prevention and Control Commission *Community advisory member for the All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition *Skills2Compete Advisory Board member operating under the Colorado Center on Law and Policy

Organization and Advocacy Experience

My entire work career history of over 30 years is dedicated to advocacy work to assist vulnerable populations needing assistance and intervention for education and self sufficiency. Participation on several advisory groups through completed term membership and holding roles on an nonprofit governing board for five years are included in my experiences. Through my employers I connected to advocacy groups that would serve the community while supporting the influences to improve our agencies service delivery.


I believe strongly in community participation and to eliminate barriers of representation in order to achieve as comprehensive and inclusive community voice as possible. As a public servant, I was always cautious not to cross any boundaries that would put my role and purpose into question and now that I am retired from public sector work think I c an contribute more directly to policy development without concern of conflict of interests.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe that all voices must be heard and options validated. I believe each of us always has something to learn and to learn it is important to show up as an ally to each other in opportunities to express our thoughts and respect education and experience from those who are participating. Addressing the issue over personalizing a disagreement usually moves to a positive end point that while not always a consensus, can at the least be a method of informed consent.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a Manger and supervisor and Co-Director for human service programs I have developed or participated in the development of policies requiring logic and analysis. Considerations of political influences, budgets and resources are always part of the process to reach sound decision making.


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The applicant has Hispanic/Latino/Spanish origin

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