Application for Congressional Commission for Diana Dee Greer

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Diana Dee Greer

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Diana Dee Sheek

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Part-time fastpitch softball umpire and temporary election help for Larimer County clerk and recorder.

Educational Background

Graduated from Mancos (Colorado) High School in 1968 and Colorado State University (Fort Collins) in 1972, with a B.A. degree in technical journalism and technical option in history/political science. Worked about six years as reporter, photographer, and editor for thre Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald. Covered the Larimer County commissioners (Wolaver, Michie & Lopez) about 2 years.

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Past Political Activity

I have served several times as a precinct committee person & volunteered a couple of years in the Larimer County Democratic Party office. I've walked and made phone calls (beginning when McGovern ran for president!), in my precinct, for several candidates. I give a modest monthly, automatic contribution to the Larimer County Democratic Party. Currently, I serve on a committee to write welcome notes to new, registered Democrats. I have given money to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobachar, Mark Udall; to John Kefalas, Joe Neguse, Ken Salazar, Jody Shadduck-McNally, and Joe Biden. This is probably is not an all-inclusive list.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have been a 27-year member and leader in a local chapter of the international PEO Sisterhood, supporting women in education; a 10-year with the local Hand to Hand group, which raises money for Alternatives to Violence (domestic abuse); a 27-year member of the Mariana Butte Ladies Golf Association; a couple years on the city golf advisory board; many years in parent-teacher groups at Community Preschool and 2 elementary schools; several years on the school accountability groups at elementary, middle, and high schools and Thompson R2-J District level (8 years); years in the Larimer County Democratic Party; and my church, Resurrection Fellowship.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I credit my 8 years in 4-H (Montezuma Co.) for grounding me in citizenship, as well as all of the above. It was there where I learned to participate and run meetings, organize activities, and tutor younger members. That training has led to many other lifetime leadership opportunities in my community. I have served as local chapter president and treasurer for the international PEO Sisterhood, helping young women pursue post-secondary education. In the Hand to Hand group, I've primarily provided money for specific young mothers trying to leave domestic abuse situations. I was elected president and treasurer for the Mariana Butte Ladies Golf Association, guiding its ongoing development and organization into two divisions, one for nine-hole players and one for 18's. I served a couple years on the city golf advisory board, representing women golfers in Loveland. Since my children entered a parent-established/run preschool, I've been involved in supporting and fundraising for their schools, always serving a couple years, or so, as president for the parent-teacher groups. One year, I organized a group of six elementary schools to order and fund two, big canvas teepees, to enhance third- and fourth-grade history education. In public schools, I was also involved with the accountability groups, particularly for the middle school and high school. For 8 years, I served on the district accountability committee, where we oversaw the details of local education efforts. During the last 2 years, I video-recorded all of the boys soccer matches for my grandson's high school team, editing huge files of video and getting the "film" to their coaches. As a result, our home has become a popular hang-out (and cafe) for teen-aged boys (and a few girls!). Lastly, I mention my work with seniors, usually much older than I. For 7 years, I led a Bible study at Courtyard Assisted Living, Loveland, where every Monday afternoon, I "served up" solid teaching for 7-10 regular attendees. As I was to lose my parents during that time, it gave me valuable understanding of the challenges and rewards of being a senior citizen. In this time of coronavirus, I've started a visiting group of P.E.O. members who can bring our chairs and masks to a local park, on Monday mornings, and socially distance ourselves for some much-need human connections!


I have much to offer in terms of real-world experience, especially with teenagers and the elderly. I also have the experiences of being reared on the Western Slope, with rural values, and having lived in a more liberal Larimer County for a long time. I have a college degree in word-smithing, six years as a newspaper reporter-editor, and several years as a basketball referee and softball umpire. And I have volunteered many years in the actual election process.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Fairness and impartiality are integral, so Colorado voters will trust the commission's work. I am a trained umpire who applies rules to a softball game, with fairness as the underlying principle. The commission needs some of us well-grounded, practical people to balance the lawyers and political scientists. Each appointed commissioner, equally important, should go in with a open mind about the process and outcome, and leave personal agendas at home. We should listening to and serve the people of Colorado, as a whole, but recognize we'll all be coming from different perspectives, which need to be recognized and accepted.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Read any printed information ahead of meetings, listen first, analyze additional printed information, and then formulate positions. Competent staff will be very important, because we will need lots of dependable statistics to present rational arguments for our approaches and choices. A capable, respected chairperson will be extremely important, particularly to guide respectful discussion. Sometimes, reason and statistics are not enough; we may have to consider human elements, such as how far people will need to travel or cultural issues.


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