Application for Congressional Commission for Adrea Trope Mehl

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Adrea Trope Mehl

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Adrea Mehl Adrea T. Mehl

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Environmental Protection Specialist, Colorado Dept of Health and Environment, CDPHE American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow, US EPA

Educational Background

BA, Mount Holyoke College, Environmental Studies PhD, Rutgers University, Chemistry

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Past Political Activity

Campaign contributions to ActBlue, John Hickenlooper, Diane Mitsch Bush Volunteered for Joe Biden 2020 campaign in PA, WI, MI and FL via online outreach

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Vail Valley Foundation Talon Crew volunteer American Chemical Society Colorado Mountain Club Colorado Trail volunteer

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As an employee of the CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division, I deal with "customers" each day who represent myriad industries in the state of Colorado. I help members of the Oil & Gas, Energy and Mining industries navigate emissions reporting and permitting processes in accordance with environmental guidelines and rules. I have also demonstrated flexibility in applying my skills to a variety of situations. For example, I was recently deployed to support the CDPHE Epidemiologists' COVID response for four months. I was part of the Industry team that assisted companies in creating and reviewing their internal COVID guidelines.


I am dedicated to the idea that all residents of Colorado deserve equitable representation. I believe that communities of interest should not be intentionally splintered or circumvented to favor one political party over the other in a district. If we want to protect democracy, partisan politics must finally be removed from the process of drawing Congressional districts.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am a very good listener and ask questions to better understand others' viewpoints. On the job, I have been recognized as a leader who leads by example. I have forged new improvements to our processes by incorporating the merits of alternative views resulting in group ownership of the changes. Politically, I am an Independent and do not follow strict party lines on either candidates or issues. I have supported policies and viewpoints that may not have benefited me personally, but I recognized that it was in the best interest of the community at large.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Over the course of my professional career, I have held positions as a laboratory chemist, computer aided molecular design chemist, and environmental scientist. In my current role as an environmental protection specialist in the Air Pollution Control Division, I have improved the data systems and processes that are used both internally and by the public. Recently, I have been providing the data needed by the Policy and Planning Program to inform their decisions as they ask questions and analyze trends related to ozone levels in front range communities. By developing advanced SQL queries, I extract the relevant data into reports that allow our Regulatory Development team to answer critical questions about our environment. I also have experience with mapping applications such as ArcGIS and CalTopo.


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