Application for Congressional Commission for Alan Bucknam

Contact Information

Full Name

Alan Bucknam

Other Names
Alan James Bucknam

Eligible for commission


Party Affiliation



Self-employed, owner/principal of Notchcode Creative Services LLC

Educational Background

BFA, Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design

Zip Code


Congressional District


Past Political Activity

ActBlue, MoveOn

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Wheat Ridge Planning Commission, AIGA Colorado Chapter

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Letter-writing campaigns to get out the vote (non-partisan) in 2020, researching urban planning as it relates to marginalized groups for housing, employment, and education, researching and advocating for pedestrian, bicycle, and wheelchair-friendly streets, creating information visualizations and graphic design to advocate for responsible public land use, resource management, and energy extraction.


I want to help to ensure that all Coloradans are fairly and equitably represented by our congressional representatives by reasonable and rationally-created districts.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I served, twice, as the chair of the Wheat Ridge Planning Commission. In that capacity I had to manage discussions about a multitude of different topics by both commissioners — who often had widely differing views — and the citizens of Wheat Ridge, who were there to express their views on the case at hand. During this time I cultivated a practice of active listening and feedback, using listening, action, and reflection to make sure that all constituents were heard, acknowledged, and had their views taken into consideration. While I, like any person, bring my own experiences to any situation, I do my best to put myself into the shoes of whomever I am working with or speaking to in order to better understand their point of view and take it into equal consideration before making a decision on something.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My job as a graphic designer requires me to take complex information and make it relatable to a larger audience. In order to do so, I have to educate myself on the topic at hand, look at it from different points of view, and step outside of my own biases in order to create a solution that others can relate to. This practice applies to many things, and has allowed me to think critically about all issues I encounter.


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