Application for Congressional Redistricting Commission

Thank you for your interest in becoming a redistricting commissioner. Being a commissioner is a significant responsibility and you will be representing the people of the state of Colorado as you do the work of redistricting. To learn more about the legal and ethical obligations of being a commissioner, please click here.

Please understand that once the work of the commission gets underway, it will basically be a full-time job. The commission will be required to meet at the State Capitol in Denver while a redistricting plan is developed, and then take the preliminary plan around the state to at least 21 locations to solicit public comment and discussion. While we are uncertain about when the heavy work of the commission will take place, we anticipate that it will be around July through September of 2021. You will be paid a per diem and travel expenses for your time.

This application will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. It contains six pages of questions and asks for several files to be uploaded, including personal statements and, optionally, letters of recommendation and a resume. You may apply to both commissions, but you may only serve on one.

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